Terms And Conditions

Article 1 - Subject Matter of this Rental Agreement and Rental Sum

Litchy rents the following items of clothing to the renter for the above-mentioned duration at the above-mentioned rental prices. The renter is obliged to pay the total rent to Litchy prior to the rental period.

Article 2 - Start and End of Rental Period

1. The rental agreement commences on the first day of the rental period indicated by the renter. If the carrier designated for this purpose by Litchy has delivered the rented item to the renter on a later date than the first day of the rental period or if this carrier has notified the renter on a later date than the first rental day that the rented item is available at a nearby collection point. The rental period starts on that date. The duration of the rental period remains unchanged and therefore also end later.

2. The renter shall ensure that he presents the rented item to the carrier designated by Litchy for shipment on the last day of the rental period.

Article 3 - Deviation from the Rental Period (Shorter or Longer Use)

1. If the renter returns the rented property before the rental period ends, the rent will not change as a result. Provided routed within 4 days. In that case, the renter will not be entitled to a refund.

2. If the renter does not present the rented object in time, that is to say on the last day of the rental period for shipment to Litchy at the carrier, the renter owes the rent that applies pro rata per day for each day that he keeps the rented object for longer. By 15% for the first 4 days. From the 5th day up to and including day 24, the percentage drops to 10%.

3. If the rental period is exceeded by more than twenty-four days, the rented object is deemed to have been destroyed. In that case, the renter will be obliged to reimburse Litchy for the replacement value of the leased property.

Article 4 - Damage to the Rented

1. The renter is obliged to immediately check the rented object for damage within 4 days. The seal may not be removed. The renter is obliged to immediately notify Litchy of all damage that consists of something other than normal wear. If no notification is made, it is planned to have received the leased property in undamaged condition.

2. If it turned out when Litchy took possession of the rented product and has damage that is not related to normal use of the rented product, the renter owes the retail value of the rented product to Litchy

Article 5 - Payment

1. Renter pays before the rental period the rent to Litchy.

2. Litchy doesn’t ask for a deposit at the start of the rental period.

3. The renter is obliged to pay the costs of exceeding the term and repayment within seven days after the invoice has been sent by Litchy.

4. If the renter has not paid within the payment term, the renter is legally in default, the renter will owe a contractual interest of 6%, calculated from the due date of the invoice until the day of full payment.

5. If payment, despite a reminder, has not paid the amount owed within 14 days after payment of the reminder, extrajudicial costs will be paid amounting to 15% of the amount with a minimum of €80

Article 6 - Cancellation Renter

1. In the event of cancellation of the rental agreement, cancellation costs are 20% of the rent of the 4 days basic costs.

2. If the renter does not cancel the agreement at the latest on the fourth day of the rental period, cancellation is no longer possible.

3. It is not possible to cancel the rental agreement for clothing worn by the renter whose security seal/authenticity tag has been broken.

4. In the event of cancellation, the renter will ensure that the rented item is returned to Litchy without delay.

Despite cancellation, the renter owes a rental price per day for each day that he fails to return the rented property.

Article 7 - Rented Data

All personal details of the tenant are processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Article 8 - Obligations and Instructions Renter

1. The renter is not permitted to re-rent the rented product or to give it to third parties in any other way without permission from Litchy.

2. The renter is responsible for ensuring that the rental agreement states the correct appropriate clothing sizes.

3. The renter may not make any changes or additions to the rented product.

4. The renter must take into account that it is not allowed to wash the rented product yourself or to have it cleaned by others than Litchy. If the rented item becomes damaged or soiled during the rental period, the renter will immediately contact Litchy and follow the instructions of Litchy (including possibly also the instruction to return these goods) as closely as possible.

5. All damage that arises as a result of actions by the renter that is in conflict with the previous paragraphs of this article will be deemed to have been caused intentionally.

6. The User has consented to being at least 16 years old when creating their account on the platform.

Article 9 - Obligations of Litchy

1. Litchy makes the rented product available to the renter for the agreed rental period.

2. Litchy inspects the rented product immediately upon return by the renter for any damage(s).

Article 10 - Liability and Dissolution

1. Litchy is not liable for damage in whatever form that may arise due to incomplete or untimely receipt of the rented product by the renter.

2. Incomplete or untimely receipt of the rented product entitles the renter to dissolve the lease, in whole or in part, free of charge. Litchy will refund/compensate the rent to the extent that the rent has been dissolved, plus any shipping costs incurred by the renter, at the first request of the renter within 10 days.

Article 11 - Applicable Law and Choice of Forum

1. Dutch law applies to these agreements. The subdistrict court of the Amsterdam District Court has jurisdiction to hear disputes arising from this agreement.