LICHTY - BOOB TAPE - Party - Going out

Hey LITCHY girls! Are you ready to turn heads and own the room with your stunning outfits? Well, buckle up because we've got the ultimate confidence-boosting secret for you – the fabulous LITCHY Boob Tape! It's time to lift, cover, flatten, and support like never before, creating unforgettable moments that will leave everyone in awe.

Let's dive into the world of LITCHY Boob Tape and discover how this magical creation can elevate your fashion game to new heights!

Why LITCHY Boob Tape?

First and foremost, this tape is your trusty sidekick for any outfit. Whether you're rocking a plunging neckline, a backless dress, or a stylish top, LITCHY Boob Tape is here to make sure your assets are in place, giving you that ultimate push-up effect.

But that's not all – it's waterproof, breathable, and comes in different skin tones to seamlessly blend with your natural beauty. Plus, with a width of 7.5 cm and a generous length of 5 meters, you've got all the tape you need to create your fashion masterpiece. Did we mention it's certified adhesive? Your confidence is in good hands!

How to use LITCHY Boob Tape:

  1. Before use, apply a test piece of Boob Tape to the skin of your chest, chest area, or elbow and leave it on for 9 hours to check for any reactions. If you experience any burning or itching during the patch test, do not use the Boob Tape.
  1. If the patch test went well and you plan to apply the Boob Tape, make sure your skin is clean and free from oils and lotions.
  1. Choose the type of top you plan to wear and follow the instructions for applying the Boob Tape accordingly.
  1. Measure how much Boob Tape you will need. The Boob Tape is highly stretchable, so you won’t need excessively long pieces.
  1. Peel off a few centimeters of the white backing from the Boob Tape. Be careful not to remove the entire white backing, as this may cause the tape to stick to itself.
  1. Push and lift your boobs to the desired position using your hands.
  1. Apply the Boob Tape from the outside to the inside.
  1. Firmly adhere the adhesive side to your skin and gradually remove the white paper to secure your boobs in place.
  1. We advise to wear Boob Tape for a maximum of 9 hours. Now you are ready to rock the night!