LITCHY - FASHION TAPE - Party - Going out

Ever had a moment when your stunning outfit just won't cooperate? Use LITCHY Fashion Tape, the invisible hero that keeps your style on point. Get ready to banish wardrobe worries and embrace your outfit with confidence!

How to use the LITCHY Fashion Tape:

  1. Ensure the skin is clean and free from oils and lotions.
  1. Remove the two pieces of paper from one side of the transparent plastic to reveal the sticky side of the tape.
  1. Apply it to your Boob Tape or the area of your skin where you want your garment to adhere.
  1. Once it's adhered, peel off the white papers from the other side of the tape and press your garment onto LITCHY Fashion Tape.
  1. Use your fingertips to press the garment against the tape to ensure a secure hold.
  1. Time to shine!

LITCHY Fashion Tape isn't just an accessory it's your ticket to a worry-free fashion experience. No more adjusting, tugging, or fearing a fashion faux pas. Embrace the confidence that comes with knowing your outfit is securely in place. Say goodbye to wardrobe malfunctions.