1. Before use, apply your test cover to the skin on your breast, chest or elbow for 9 hours to ensure you have no reaction. If you experience any burning or itching during the patch test do not use the product.

2. If the patch test worked out well and you want to apply to covers, make sure that the skin is clean and free from oils and lotion.

3. Choose the colour that matches your skin tone.

4. Remove one of the white papers on the back of the covers.

5. Stick the Nipple Cover underneath your nipple, making sure the soft part is covering your nipple.

6. Afterwards, remove the white paper covering the sticky upper part and stick this on.

7. Never worry about a nip slip again and remove it painlessly afterwards. We recommend combining the Nipple Covers with LITCHY'S Boob Tape.

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removing nipple covers

1. Saturate - When removing dampen the back of the Nipple Cover with warm water or oil. The goal is to saturate the cover enough so that the oil soaks through to the adhesive and starts loosening the bond between the cover and your skin. Let the tape soak for at least 15 minutes.  

2. Remove - Slowly start pulling the cover off piece by piece.  Do not rip off the cover at once. Apply more oil or water to any spots that need more loosening. 

3. Finish - Use a cotton pad and oil to remove any remaining adhesive from your skin.

Won't drop when it's hot

Looks can be deceiving with these smooth nipple covers that feel like a second skin. These adhesive covers are perfect when wearing semi-sheer or thin fabric or when you are simply looking for extra coverage. They may look like drops, but they definitely won’t drop when it’s hot. They are water and sweat-resistant, so you can count on full coverage for up to 9 hours.

Our one-sided adhesive Nipple Covers come in four colours and are designed for all sizes. They are made of 100% satin and are easy to remove. The Nipple Covers contain 5 pairs and are for single use only.