1. Make sure that the skin is clean and free from oils and lotions.

2. Remove the two pieces of paper from the transparent plastic on one side of the tape to make the sticky side visible.

3. Stick this on your Boob Tape or skin where you want your garment to be attached.

4. When stuck on, peel off the white papers on the other side of the tape and stick your garment to the Fashion Tape.

5. Use your fingertips to rub the piece of clothing against the tape to make sure it is properly attached.

6. Time to get LIT!

Buy it as a set


With our double-sided Fashion Tape, you can keep your head up high and feel confident, comfortable and LIT.
The tape is easily attached to your skin and will make sure that your outfit stays in place for up to 9 hours. No need to worry about potential wardrobe malfunctions.

Stick to this one

Our double-sided adhesive Fashion Tape is designed for all sizes. Sweat and water resistant and easy to remove. They come in a pack of 50 pieces.