LITCHY was founded in 2019 by Lizzy Perridon. She was quick to discover that people often skip an outfit due to a lack of confidence or comfort. This ultimately resulted in the launch of the Body-Line: a range of body accessories allowing people to fearlessly rock any outfit - from strapless dresses to bikinis. By encouraging them to try out items they might otherwise hesitate to wear, LITCHY'S goal is to put people at ease within their outfits.

Now several years later, the term 'Body-Line' has become part of today's vocabulary, with accessories such as boob-and-fashion tape widely being used for those carefree night outs.


We at LITCHY are beyond excited to be able to please so many people with various coloured accessories. We have created and plan to release many more items soon that will help people look their best in a breeze. Don't worry, we won't leave you hanging!

Do you want to be part of this female-driven company?

Do not hesitate to contact us - Join us by mailing: office@litchyofficial.com